What makes you experts?

Our expertise enables us to share our extensive knowledge of wine tasting, tourism and culture at a national and international level. On the other hand we are able to adapt to a foreign public and can interpret all tours in English and Spanish.

What makes you different from other wine tour travel agencies?

Our difference lies in our knowledge of vines and wine and cultural places associated with them but also in a broad approach to the world of wine. We will take you not only to areas known, prestigious but prefer to make the encounter, exchange, sharing and discovery of little known stories possible.
The main idea is to democratize the world of wine, make it accessible and avoid all the clichés that it normally generates!
We also offer a cultural alternative in all our tours so that those less interested in wine may also discover the local heritage.

Can I just plan the trip myself?

The problem is it seems impossible nowadays to encourage people to enjoy wine and to drive their cars afterwards! On the other hand, being with us, people benefit from our introduction to the estates and castles and to the winemakers. Moreover we provide added value: the ability to answer any questions you may have !

How does your pricing work?

We have agreements and partnerships with various providers, which allows us to offer you special rates!
Rates are for information purposes, they may vary based on mileage, increases or decreases in fuel prices etc …
We try wherever possible to offer circuits that are ALL inclusive. This means that you do not over spend !

What are the payment terms?

We require a deposit of 30% of the total price, in case of cancellation the deposit is retained by Vin Vigne Voyages. The rest of the payment can be delivered at the end of the trip.
We give you or we send you an invoice confirming your registration.
Note: this document indicates the name of your contact who will be at your disposal to inform you until your departure.

What is the cancellation policy?

If canceled within seven days of departure we require the full payment. More than seven days from the departure we keep the deposit.

Are you fully licensed?

Vigne Voyages holds an operator’s license to travel issued by Atout France.
The financial guarantee of up to € 100,000 is provided by the Association for Solidarity in Tourism. The agency’s insurance is provided by Hiscock and the company is supported by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Toulouse. For more details refer to the legal notice.

What makes you environmentally responsible?

We are in favor of winemakers who are friendly to the earth and the environment. Our transportation is, as far as possible chosen to limit CO2 emissions. Our picnics are made with a focus on recycled materials and organic products.

Can I buy wine?

You obviously do not have any obligation to buy wine, but we will always have space for you to bring back as many bottles as you want.

Keeping in mind that that the abuse of alcohol is dangerous for health!

Do I need a travel insurance?

Vin Vigne Voyages provides an insurance for the entire business, you do not need additional coverage. Plus, you already have multiple insurance: liability through insurance, home insurance contract on Credit Cards… No need to spend more!
Read out your respective contracts, where applicable, repatriation insurance (for travel abroad) can be expected.

How does it work when I travel on my own ?

When travelling on your own, there is no difference with people travelling in groups except that for the accommodation fee we may have to charge you a bit more if you want to sleep on your own, according to the hotel prices.