An innovative concept


Initially, there is the desire to make the world of wine more accessible, because this world is surprisingly neither esoteric nor precious. Behind every wine there are working men and women who are committed to the quality of the product they develop.

We focus on vineyards that have opted for an agriculture respectful of human beings and the environment in which they operate and we will help you to understand their choices.

This is what we call the “vine and wine” option. It is at the heart of our offer.

The innovative concept of our approach is to offer an optional program.

For each activity you will always have the choice between the “vine and wine” option (as defined above) or the “art and culture” option of exploring the local heritage. As there will always be two guides, we’ll be able to divide the groups whatever the size of subgroups and without extra cost.

Which means that you build your trip according to your preferences.

Our Expertise

What brought us together in the creation of this travel agency is our will to share.
Share our enthusiasm, knowledge and enable the people you’ll meet to tell their story.


Florence knows vines like the back of her hand as she was a winemaker in the Corbières for 5 years, after passing a certificate of higher agricultural technician (BTSA) in viticulture and oenology. In 2006, her knowledge of winemaking was validated by the national diploma in oenology (NCE) and she decided in 2007 to create a wine shop in Toulouse – wine must be sold at some point ! Five years later, she let’s someone else manage her place to embark on this new adventure. Through the «Spirit of Wine» Association that she created in 2000, Florence has been giving Wine and vine training courses for all for over 10 years.

Lola has lived in the United States, worked in Hungary, been a wine merchant in London. It is in this city, centre of the global wine market, that for 4 years she developed her wine knowledge and graduated from the Wine & Spirit Education Trust. Passionate about this subject, she returned to France and started thinking about creating a range of entertainment around vineyards and wine. Lola also holds a master of communication, her subject ? Wine tours !

Ludivine holds a master of Heritage Law. But during her studies, she got more into heritage than law. And she’s passionate about everything linked to it, from prehistoric – she has worked in excavations and was a guide Niaux Cave (Ariege), until nowadays where she likes to decrypt the modern heritage. Ludivine is a qualified Guide Lecturer and can show you the hidden gems of the area we cover.

Where and how?


All our tours depart from Toulouse. However, it is possible to provide stops on the route. We travel by minibus (8 to 23 people), a flexible, friendly and safe way to travel.

A day-tour leads us to a maximum distance of 150 km, which allows a wide variety of circuits as many apellations revolve around Toulouse.
St. Sardos, Fronton, Gaillac, Coteaux du Quercy, Cahors, Brulhois, Côtes de Gascogne and Armagnac area for the Southwest. But also wines from Ariège – not very well known but very interesting – and much of the Aude vineyards: Limoux, Malepère Cabardès, Minervois, Corbières.

With the weekend formulas – one night, we extend circuits to Bordeaux and Bergerac. But
Marcillac in Aveyron is also a great opportunity for discovery. The vineyards Jurançon and Madiran Pacherenc of Vic Bihl are easily accessible as well as the Languedoc and Roussillon.

A long weekend – 2 nights is enough time to discover for example the Luberon and Provence wines.

In five days we can lead you to discover and appreciate the wines of Burgundy and Beaujolais, be dazzled at the vineyards of Côte Rôtie and Hermitage and be charmed by the subtle St. Peray sparkling wines. You can, however, prefer the mysterious Savoy vineyards and unique varieties – you know the «molette» grape variety? – Or pale and tasty reds or exuberant yellow Jura wines. Or you could choose to go to the Champagne or Loire Valley region. You can also set sail for the South to discover Denominación origin Navarre and Catalonia.

The more time you have, the further we can go and if you look to the East, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Greece … Georgia are just waiting to be explored.
The pleasure of surprise, astonishment, joy to discover new practices and new tastes will make the moment unforgettable. Portugal, Spain and Italy are of course essential. So rich in both history and wines. Moreover, we expect the introduction of a circuit to Andalusia in January and towards the south of Italy in February! And why not the Canaries? Each island has its own vineyard.

All these wine regions, near and far, large and small are full of heritage treasures that we are eager to reveal to you: religious buildings and castles steeped in history, but also exceptional gardens and archaeological sites, unique villages and old towns, works of art and natural landscapes …

The food will never be forgotten and we will always strive to find the best tables.

Aside from our staple tours we remain at your disposal for any specific request for a solo tour or a group enquiry.

For sunny days we have beautiful evenings to offer here, less than half an hour axway from the center of Toulouse !